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Project Description

The Custom Template Generator is a plugin for Microsoft Word, developed in C#
The plugin enables you to manage templates for Word documents, generate new documents for you based on the template and automatically fill out some of the values (title, author, etc) for you throughout the document.

The project is still in development and ever evolving. If you are interested in helping out you are free to do so and all help is welcome!

The source code is freely available through the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL). For more information please see the License page

Project updates

After a long time of silence the project has been updated and almost completed! It is now possible to manage templated using a new popup Window in Word. This will display a list of the current installed templates and an option to delete them. Adding templates is now possible just by dragging and dropping a .dotx template in the window! For a full manual on how the template works please see documentation

The plugin has come a long way and it is becoming more and more ready to use now. Unfortunatly it isn't ready enough to be downloaded and installed just yet! But the source code is freely available to everyone to check out! Please do so and help out in making this project a success!

known issues
  • Word might crash when a window of the plugin is opened, closed and opened again
  • Only tested with Office 2010 as of yet. Completed project should be compatible with older versions

proposed features
  • Localization
  • Compatibility

for a full list of known issues and proposed features please see the Issue Tracker

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