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Word Template Generator User Guide

Here is a little guide to use the Word Template Generator, although it is currently only available as source code on this site. The installer version will be available soon enough when the plugin is stable enough

Template Managing
Before a Word document can be generated by a template there must be templates added to the plugin. To add a template you need to go to the Template Generator ribbon (which should be added by installing the plugin) and press "Manage Templates" at the "Customize" section of the ribbon bar. Here templates can be added or deleted.

The top half of the just opened window shows the available templates. This screen is now probably empty. If there are templates installed then the list will show those and a button to delete them again.

The bottom half of the window shows an empty field with the text "Drop a .dotx template file here to add". If you want to add a template you can simply drag and drop the .dotx file from Windows Explorer into this field and it will be added to the available template list

Generate Template
If you want to generate one of the templates from your template list you can simply click the "Generate Template" button in "Generate" at the ribbon bar. This will show a popup window with all the available Templates. If you click one of the templates a new Word screen will be opened with the template

Auto Fill Values
When the template is opened it is possible to let the plugin fill out some values automatically. These are only small values like the title of the document, autor, version, etc

Making your own templates
This section will be added soon!

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